The Real Ghostbusters Episode 22 Review

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The Real Ghostbusters

Episode 022

Production number 76009 – 1986-Syndicated

“Venkman’s Ghost Repellers”

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I need to get away. From everything.

I require a cabin with a fireplace and a tub (hot tub maybe? it’s my fantasy so let’s say yes). No internet. No cable television. I’ll bring my own movies and player.

I require this cabin to be on a nice, clean, fresh water lake suitable for swimming in. I require it to be gloriously sunny and warm, so swimming in that lake will be comfortable.

I want to spend my days just relaxing on the porch, or on the dock, sitting in the sun, reading a book, sipping on a cold beverage, taking the occasional swim to cool off. 

I want to spend my evenings relaxing inside, maybe have a fire going, watching a movie or reading. I want to take a soak in the tub every night before bed. I want to go to bed early-ish and get a nice long sleep before I do it all again the next day.

I figure 5 days to a week of that would be just about perfect.

Perhaps alone, perhaps with company. I don’t know. I’m leaning towards alone. I just want to be away from everything for a little bit.

Geoffrey Version 3.3

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Today I am 33. On previous birthdays I’ve compiled lists on this blog pertaining to the changes I’ve wanted to make in my life for the year. Like new year’s resolutions really, except starting at the beginning of my year. Let’s see what this year has in store for me:

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So this is me at the end of 2011

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It will come as no surprise to most of you that my life, such as it is, hasn’t been on a very good trajectory for quite some time. I’ve made numerous plans to remedy this, many of which you can find on this very blog. The thing about plans is that they’re easy to make but they’re hard to implement. There are a lot of factors in my life, both internal and external, that make it difficult to implement change. That’s not an excuse, at the end of the day I’m responsible for everything I’ve said or done, or not done as the case may be. Continue reading ‘So this is me at the end of 2011’

A stranger likes my Star Wars edit!

•November 2, 2011 • 3 Comments

As many of you already know, I released my edit of Star Wars: Episode I on my birthday this year. I held a couple of screenings and it was pretty successful so far as I could tell. Plans for Episodes II and III were placed on hold until the release of the blu rays. Anyway, today I received an email from someone who downloaded my edit. You know, it’s great when your friends like something you’ve done, but there’s something very validating when someone you don’t know, who has no reason to spare your feelings on the matter, comes forward and tells you you’ve done good. So I’m pretty happy right now. Let me share with you!

Mr. Pagz,

first let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just watched The Gathering Storm with 3 close star wars geeks and we adored it.

Adoration is too weak a work. We were absolutely gaga. ANd all the OT throw backs: power converters, etc. Man, you are someone really special.

We geeked out to every single moment that you touched. Wow, I am so thrilled to now be able to show Ep. I to someone and have them say “that was pretty good!” becuase they will never know what the original was like, nor should they.

Pags, you have a true talent and I am so grateful that someone can do this: make it watchable. AN A LIKEABLE JAR-JAR!?? Brilliant!

Second, let me say how god-damned (or gosh-darned if you’re religious) excited I am for you ep II and II, because, as you know, they suck so bad it hurts. I don’t know how you could improve them but I’m so so so jazzed to find out.

I’m looking forward to anything you post with great interest!


Dave H.

Thanks Dave, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

The Man of Steel

•June 22, 2011 • 2 Comments

Recently I took in the premier of Green Lantern. To put it kindly, it was not all one could have hoped for from a Green Lantern movie. This article will not be about the Green Lantern. This article is about Superman, because green is not a power, it’s a colour. Continue reading ‘The Man of Steel’

RIP Zipper

•April 5, 2011 • 1 Comment

My cat Zipper passed away this evening at 5:45pm. He was 20 years old, which is 96 cat years. He was a great cat. I got to spend a little time with him on Sunday, the day after my birthday, knowing he had very little time left. Continue reading ‘RIP Zipper’

I’ve had better weeks

•January 29, 2011 • 2 Comments

I was diagnosed with diabetes a few days ago. Apparently not too serious, I won’t require insulin injections as of yet. I will have to go on a diabetic diet though, which is probably a good thing, and I’ll need to start monitoring my blood sugar. Hooray. Continue reading ‘I’ve had better weeks’

Continuing to cope

•January 22, 2011 • 3 Comments

Back in September of 2010 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and panic and anxiety disorder. Since then I’ve been working with my doctor and counselors to find the right combination of medication and lifestyle adjustments in order to be able to function properly in the real world. It’s an uphill battle. Continue reading ‘Continuing to cope’

I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

•January 7, 2011 • 2 Comments

The word came down Thursday morning. Lucasfilm has announced the impending release of the entire Star Wars saga on BluRay this September. I want to be excited about this, I really do. Alas, Lucas has shit on my cereal too many times for me to become enthusiastic about his franchise anymore. There are concerns I have about this release and the information dropped on the press yesterday morning at the CES is woefully lacking. Continue reading ‘I am a Jedi, like my father before me.’