It’s so pretty! Like… extra flowers!

I blog all over the place. No one reads my blogs, but I do it anyways. Seems to me that maybe I should try to focus on a single forum. If I’m not going to be read, people should at least have a definitive place not to read me. So, looks like this is it. Caveman rejoice. Special thanks to Amber for making me aware of word press’s blogging feature.

It only figures that I made it all the way through the holidays without getting sick, only to be curb stomped as soon as they’re done. I’ve caught myself some kind of devil virus. Yesterday I was so completely out of it, delirious with a wicked fever. I had to get blood tests and x-rays and all that shit. It’s the sort of fucked up sick where you can’t sleep. You just get all fetal on the bathroom floor and hallucinate that amorphous tormentors are encircling you. Fever delirium is a really strange thing. The waking dreams you have are bizarre and unsettling. My fever has broken now, hence why I’m speaking in actual sentences instead of guttural moans. I’m still contagious though, so I find myself off work for the next little while.

So there’s a new Transformers animated series out now. I’m in Canada, and I don’t have Television, so I have to check it out online. So far so good. It’s done by the people that did Teen Titans, a favourite of mine. The style is definitely going to divide people. I think it’s great. I’m also digging the remake of the Theme song, so much better than that shitty version from the live action movie (You know, the version that was so shitty it didn’t even appear in the film, only on the soundtrack). Anyway, take a look and lemme know what you all think (he says as if people actually read his posts).

There we go, my first post on my new blogging home. Go Team Venture!


~ by Pagz on January 9, 2008.

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