Karma popsicle.

Okay, so some of you (and by “you” I am referring to the likely fictional group of non existent readers who actually take some interest in the happenings of my life) are aware that on a scale from 1 to Awesome, my 2007 ranked somewhere around –459.67. Geeks in the crowd will figure that one out pretty quick. Yes, 2007 was the single worst year of my life.

That’s okay, everyone has a worst year. I was like most people before, that is to say, my worst year wasn’t much different than an average year, save for one or two events which marked the year as a bummer. 2007 though… Yeah, that was a 6 month cluster-fuck of never-ending curb stomps delivered by life. I’ve dwelt on it enough in my other blogs around the net so I have no wish to get into it here. I bring it up merely as a counterpoint to my hopefulness for 2008, and my firm belief that Karma owes me super big.

Well, I’ve not received my big karmic payoff as of yet, but it did throw me a snack today, a karmic popsicle if you will. Sweet, eases the pain and fun. Sam and Max: Freelance Police are finally coming to DVD. I love me some Sam and Max.

Sam and MAx

The animated series was well animated and extremely manic. I missed the voices from their original animated debut (Lucasarts greatest game Sam and Max Hit the Road) but I’ll forgive them because Sam and Max just rule so much.

Anyone who feels like getting me this truly kingly gift may find it here.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the opening sequence of Hit the Road, enjoy!

I feel life getting better already.

~ by Pagz on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Karma popsicle.”

  1. For the record, I don’t check my facebook very often and did not KNOW about this one, but we have been checking another one with NO UPDATES for ever and ever. So, we care about the happenings in your life (especially when they involve chuck E cheese) !! BTW, this could possibly be the fanciest blog EVER !

  2. and we loves us some geoffy…k

  3. Welcome aboard the USS Geoffrey Today. I am your Captain, Geoffrey Adams. You can be sure that our next outing to Chuck E. Cheese will make for an epic post on good ol’ Geoffrey Today 😉

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