I just can’t stop touching the back of my head. I shaved my head a little while ago, almost a week ago now I think. So, the regrowth is now at the stage where, while I am still essentially bald, the peach-fuzz has ceased to be coarse and is now retardedly soft. I’m like some kind of plush teddy bear or something. I’ll just be sitting around and without realizing it my hand just wanders back there and starts checking things out.

So, once again I’m up late. I will be very happy when I’m over this illness and can start sleeping at reasonable hours again. Shit, as I sat here thinking about what to write next my hand once again wandered up to my skull. It’s practically involuntary!

It’s round about this time of night, 2am or so, that I start to feel particularly lonely. So that means it’s a really good time to get off line and go to sleep before I turn my blog, which is fun and awesome and hilarious, into a pity party, which is lame and depressing and boring. So, I’ll talk to you kids in the morning. Afternoon.. Evening… Whenever.


~ by Pagz on January 11, 2008.

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