So, Kimmy came over today and I introduced her to Tron. I know, shocking as it seems, Kim had never seen Tron! Not to worry though, that situation has been corrected and I’m happy to report that not only has Kim seen Tron now, but she also liked it! Do you know how many girls I’ve attempted to introduce to and develop an affection for Tron in? The answer is 3. Do you know how many times I’ve failed? 3. This is a big day.

So, Tron. Tron is one of those movies that shaped my childhood. Much like those Glen Larson productions I was talking about yesterday. When I was a kid I was allowed to rent 1 video a week from the video store. For a solid 3 months I rented Tron and then my parents forbade me from renting it anymore and I moved on to a live-action tv movie of Spider-Man entitled “the deadly dust” which was actually a collection of several episodes of the tv series. But I’m straying from my point.

Tron is a movie that is far more relevant and accessible today than it was at its inital release. You see, the thing about Tron is that it’s a movie designed to be understood by the computer literate. The majority of audiences in 1982 were decidedly not, so much of the terminology and action in the film went right over their heads. I was 4 when I first saw Tron (1983) on home video, and sure all of the computer jargon flew over my head too, but that didn’t matter, because LIGHTCYCLES! Today people are so intimately familiar with computers that Tron actually makes sense.

My next tattoo, or more likely, the tattoo after my next tattoo, is going to be a sleeve of Tron circuitry up my right arm. Yes, I’m a huge geek. Ladies, quit shoving, plenty of me to go around. Right now I have Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure playing. Man, so many great movies came out while I was growing up.


~ by Pagz on January 14, 2008.

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