Please Hammer don’t hurt ’em

It has been my constant shame for the past 8 months that I have not produced a single new comic. There are plenty of comics written and drawn, but none inked, coloured and delivered. It started out as laziness on my part, there’s no denying in, and then my life fell apart and any motivation I had was drained from me.

Well, that all stops now. I do hereby VOW that this Friday you will see a brand spanking new issue of Non Stop Pop. It’s written, it’s inked, it’s scanned. Tomorrow I have the day off, and I will be spending my day colouring the comic. If I can keep my motivation up, I’m going to try to do several comics tomorrow. It’s time to get NSP back on schedule.

Also, my friend Christine’s birthday is tomorrow (today, it’s late) so I’ll also be making her present tomorrow. Prepare yourself for awesome Christine.

Thursday, a day of drawing. Maybe I’ll post some previews here tomorrow.

~ by Pagz on January 17, 2008.

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