Dr. No

Alright, last night my best friend Jared and I embarked on a massive project. We are going to watch every James Bond film, in order. That’s 21 films (22 if you count “Never say Never Again“). A monumental task, but we’re up to the challenge because, well, we’re film geeks.

So, last night we began with Dr. No. The first thing I noticed was the lack of opening “teaser”. Bond fims always start with some manner of mini adventure which introduces us to Bond but generally has nothing to do with the actual plot of the film.

The introduction of Bond is handled exceptionally well in this film. You’re almost 10 minutes in before you even meet Bond. I was shocked at how young Connery looked. Fresh off of Darby O’Gill and the Little People. The funny thing is that even when he looks young, Connery looks like a man. You can see the creases on his skin that suggest age. It’s also kind of shocking how buff Connery is in this film. Terribly impressive.

The story itself is pretty good. Right off the bat the series starts off with a super villain! In later films it will become a little more pedestrian, but I’m glad that they start the series off with an honest to goodness super villain. This film is clearly much of the basis for the first Austin Powers movie.

Bond is also considerably more spy like in this outing than in later installments. There’s a lot more sneaking about and honest to goodness espionage in this film, as opposed to the later entries in the series where Bond becomes an action hero as opposed to a spy.

I’m not going to go into detail because honestly, the prospect of dissecting the plot of every Bond film really bores me. To sum things up, Dr. No is a particularly good Bond flick. It certainly deserves to be in any list of the top 5 Bond flicks. Perhaps by the end of this little project I’ll have compiled my definitive list of the best and worst of Bond. Stay tuned kids.


~ by Pagz on January 21, 2008.

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  1. i love darby o’gill and the little people.

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