Fuck the bottle depot

So, took in all my cans to the bottle depot today. I hate the bottle depot. It’s gross and it smells bad. Those are merely minor annoyances though. Today my big beef was the instructions they had posted. The instructions say “Separate beer bottles from pop cans. You can leave bottles and cans in cases or flats.”

So, not having brought any flats, I just sorted the cans on the cart, only to be told that they HAD to be in flats. What? No, that’s not what your POSTED INSTRUCTIONS say at all! the key word here is “LEAVE”. That does not mean you have to put your cans on flats, that means you can LEAVE them on flats if that’s how you brought them. If they have to be in flat, your instructions should say “Please place your cans and bottles in cases or flats .” Tadaa! Easy.

So, 10 minutes of sorting out all my cans (I had a LOT of cans) was wasted and I had to go grab some flats and move all the cans. What a total waste of my time that could have been avoided if they’re just had clear instructions posted.  I won’t even get into the wastefulness and environmental impact of recycling anything but aluminum cans.

In conclusion, fuck you bottle depot.


~ by Pagz on January 21, 2008.

One Response to “Fuck the bottle depot”

  1. Hahaha – you don’t run around your apartment collecting every scrap of paper to omgsavetheplanetfromthecarbonmonster?

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