Ahead, Nerd Factor 9.

So, I fell prey to a major moment of weakness today. I am now the proud owner of the complete Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve owned the complete TNG on VHS for ages now, but all of them were taped off of TV. The DVDs look pretty great. Well, as great as the series is likely to look. The video effects of the day have not aged terribly well, but such is life. Right now I’m watching “Conspiracy”. An episode I was totally terrified of as a kid. A very graphic ending. I was really disappointed that the writers never followed up on those baddies.

Anyway, not a whole lot more to say, just thought I’d let you all know how I’m geeking it up tonight.


~ by Pagz on February 3, 2008.

One Response to “Ahead, Nerd Factor 9.”

  1. I’m just wondering when the ST:TNG themed sleepover starts. I need to get my Tasha Yar pjs ready!

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