A whirlwind of adventure and excitement.

Holy cow kids, I’ve not updated in days! Super sorry, been so busy with work and such that I just haven’t had the chance. That all ends now, I’m back on the case baby!

We had a total Lunar eclipse last night, that was pretty sweet. Alas, it failed to bestow any manner of super-power on me. Needless to say I’m disappointed, but perhaps next time, in 2010.

I know I promised some time ago that a video tour of the Offices of Geoffrey Today! was imminent, and it still is, even more so now.  In fact, I’m going to do my very best to make that video tonight. It may even be online this evening, who can say? I finally broke down yesterday and got high speed internet. I could stand my slow connection no longer. Luckily, the first month is free, so by the time I get my first bill I’ll be making good money again!

Speaking of the new job, I imagine some of you might want to know what exactly it is. And I’d love to tell you. However, I’m not sure what their policy is on blogs and such, so I want to find out before I start mentioning The Company’s name in my posts. Anyways, I really like calling it “The Company”. Anyone who is truly interested can just email me.

Heard rumours of a double fillet-o-fish at McDonalds. The local McD’s is unaware of such a concoction. I’m a mixture of fascination and horror.

~ by Pagz on February 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “A whirlwind of adventure and excitement.”

  1. A double filet-o-fish… for serious ? How would that even work… the single ones barely stay together ! Must investigate…

  2. I assume they would have two slices of cheese. One on the bottom to seal the fish pattie to the bun, and another between the fish patties to keep them from slipping. Still….yuck.

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