Iron Man

As most of you are well aware, I’m a huge geek. Certainly, if this was a well kept secret before, my recent video tour of the Offices of Geoffrey Today! should have cracked that nut wide open. Anyhow, as a geek, there are certain things which I am required by international law to obsess over: Comics, Movies, Cartoons and Video Games being the short list. Today I wanna talk comics and movies.

Comics and movies have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. It’s only in recent years that they’ve settled their difference and worked together for the benefit of all. Which is all to the good in my mind. During the course of my life I’ve been fanatically devoted to a select few Super Heroes: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern and finally Iron Man. Let’s run down my feelings on these heroes and their respective films before we get to the heart of today’s post.

Superman: 1 great movie, 2 mediocre movies, 2 terrible movies.

Spider-Man: 1 abysmal movie, 1 great movie and 1 movie that started off strong and fell apart at the end.

Batman: 1 great movie, 1 decent movie, 3 cinematic abortions

Green Lantern: Sir-Not-Appearing-on-this-List.

Iron Man: Coming soon to a theatre near you!

I’ve always loved Iron Man. What’s not to love? Robotic suit, can fly, laser hands, super strong, big hit with the ladies in and out of costume. Hells yeah. I’ve been super stoked for the film ever since Jon Favreau got the nod as director. If I have faith in anyone, it’s Favreau. The master Stroke of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, brilliant.

How excited am I for Iron Man?

I’m intending on having Iron Man repulsors tattooed on the palms of my hands. Ladies, form a line to my left for make-outs, dudes form a line to my right for high-fives.

PS. The video game also looks sweet.

~ by Pagz on March 1, 2008.

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