Stop me before I kill again.

I have a terrible secret. Something I keep hidden from the world. A power that I am incapable of harnessing for good. It’s beyond my conscious control, much to my dismay. It’s time to come clean though, so here it goes: When I think of celebrities who haven’t been in the limelight for a while, they die within several days.

I’ve killed more people than I care to remember. I killed animation legend Chuck Jones, Princess Di, Bill Peet, and the list goes on. Today’s victim is Dave Stevens. Most of you won’t know who Dave was, and that’s a shame. Dave was an amazing artist and the creator of the Rocketeer. Yesterday I was looking through my DVD collection and I came across the Rocketeer and I thought to myself “Gee, I wonder what Dave Steven’s is up to these days? I haven’t seen much of him in a while.”

It’s a tragedy. If only I could use this power for the good of mankind. Sorry Dave, it was an accident.


~ by Pagz on March 11, 2008.

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