The list.

Back on January 1st I wrote a list. Not a New Years Resolution or anything, but a list of what I felt were attainable goals for the coming year. I was hoping that if I made a list I’d be able to look back on it and chart my progress. Brilliant fucking idea kids, I should do this more often!

Here’s the list:

1.) Get in shape. I was well on my way earlier in 2007, going to the gym every day, eating properly, all that. And then disaster upon disaster upon disaster put an end to all of that. So, now that the dust seems to be settling, it’s time to get back at it. Gonna try to find a gym close by, one that doesn’t require a fucking contract, been there done that, never again. There are 2 gyms within a reasonable distance, 1 of which a friend of mine works at, so I’ll look into that this week sometime.

2.) Get a high(er) paying Job. I might be getting a job at <the company>, but that’s still up in the air. I’m also going to do the Medical Terminology exam with Foley to see about getting one of those sweet high paying VIHA jobs. So we’re on track there too. This list was a great idea!

3.) Animation. I’m continuing to pursue animation with the help of my friend Colin. Hopefully this year we’ll see some movement on that front.

4.) New Tattoos. I know what I want, I just gotta save up to get them done. My new balanced budget should allow for that.

5.) Keep my place clean. Right now my place is a disaster. So, this week I want to get the whole place pristine and then see if I can keep it that way, or close to.

6.) Replace coffee table with the USS FLAGG. The greatest GI Joe toy of all time, the USS FLAGG is an almost 8 foot long aircraft carrier, and I think a much nicer coffee table than the one I currently have. This one may take a while.

Now then, let’s list my progress on these fronts:

1.) Okay, admitedly this one hasn’t happened yet. However, I am heading in that direction. I’m walking to work and I’m eating considerably better. Pretty soon now my income is going to allow me to get back to the gym as well. So things are looking up!

2.) Yes, I did get that job at The Company! and as such I am now making considerably more than I had been. I’m very excited, my new income is going to open a lot of doors for me.

3.) I’ve already seen some movement on this front. My good friend Colin threw some clean-up work my way, which was lots of fun. The future holds the possibility of still more jobs via Colin so I’m very pleased.

4.) New tattoos are imminent now. Re: Foley is a great big prude.

5.) I’ve been keeping my place pretty clean the past 2 months. It’s so much nicer to be here when it’s clean and organized.

6.) Alas this is the one item on the list where I’ve seen no movement at all. But rest assured that soon I will direct my efforts towards this most kingly piece of home furnishing.

In addition to the USS FLAGG, I fully intend to replace my end tables with cocktail arcade cabinets when I am rich. It’s gonna be awesome.


~ by Pagz on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “The list.”

  1. I miss you Geoff! Keep working on the list! Make your dreams come true!

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