A cry for help?

I tend to be of the opinion that band wagon jumping of any variety is inherently lame. Be it names, or popular turns of phrase (because that’s the way I roll), or whatever. It just seems like a sad and pathetic way to try to gain acceptance from the social mass.

So of course I do it. I too long for the approving nod of the mob! I am not afraid to try new and popular things! Do you have a new catch phrase? I’m on board. Is changing your name the new fad? Call me Anakin. Is No-Talent-Boy-Band #7 hip this week? I have all their album. Accept me! Evaluate and rank me! I can conform, I can belong!

Alas, the years have taught me that such efforts are fully wasted. No one cares what music I listen to, or what my name is, or how I talk. The truth of the matter is everyone is too busy worrying about their own damn selves to think about what’s truly important. Me. It’s a social injustice that has gone on for 27 years too long my friends. The madness has to end now. Someone pay attention to me!


~ by Pagz on March 29, 2008.

One Response to “A cry for help?”

  1. People care what music I listen to! I’m not a bandwagon-jumper though. Anti-conformity all the way. Belonging is for senior citizens on shuffleboard teams and fourth-graders who collect Pokemon cards. Trying to belong makes people listen to stuff like this: http://rateyourmusic.com/collection/jshopa/rating5040172
    No one wants that. PS – so what’s the plan with the birthday party? Next weekend I take it?

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