A Force to be reckoned with.

Time to get down to business, and today’s business is the word “Force“. I have come to the conclusion that the word “force” makes just about any title cooler. Any business venture I now embark upon will include the word “force” somewhere.

Think about it, how much cooler would your life seem if there was more “force” in it? Heading out to dry cleaner force, stopping off at video force, maybe picking up some donuts at Donut force. The list is endless, Accounting force, paralegal force, notary public force, vet force, grocery force, pizza force, pub force, bar force, food force, gas force…And let us not overlook the appeal this could have for young people. Who wouldn’t rather go to Elementary Force than “school” or College Force than “community college”. Reading Force instead of the library.

It’s all about how you market these things I’ve decided. It’s not that kids don’t like school, it’s just not exciting, it doesn’t capture their imaginations. It’s not that kids don’t like vegetables, they just aren’t marketed properly. “Would you like some more broccoli force son?” “Booyah! broccoli force kicks ass!” A lot of good could come from this 5 letter word.


~ by Pagz on April 5, 2008.

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