What else is in the teaches of peaches?

A person’s a person, no matter how small.

Saw Horton Hears a Who the other night. I had been intrigued by the design of the film initially but held out little hope that it would be any good. The past decade has been rife with examples of how poorly Hollywood treats the good Doctor. So it was that I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I finally checked it out. Horton is a gorgeous film full of incredible animation, excellent voice acting and sporting a solid script.

The problems with trying to make any Dr. Seuss book into a film are several:

First: While Seuss’s whimsical language is fun and endearing in short doses, such as short children’s books, it becomes almost totally unbearable when you’re exposed to it at great length. Any adaptation that is going to be successful needs to find a happy medium between the language of Seuss and the sanity of the audience. In this respect, Horton is a real winner. Much of what makes Seuss great is in this film, but the script isn’t afraid to allow its characters to not speak in rhyme of nonsense.

Second: The look of Seuss is a very particular thing, and not at all suited to live action. Horton is computer animated, and if Seuss is to be translated into 3 dimensions, this is the ideal format. This film is truly gorgeous, an absolute joy to look at. The character designs are so distinctly Seuss and so well realized in three dimensions that your eyes will be thanking you long after you leave the theatre. The live action Seuss films on the other hand, are the cinematic equivalent of dick in the eye.

Third: Length. Seuss stories are short. stretching them to feature length takes a delicate hand and a sense for what can and can’t be done. The basics of Horton lend themselves well to lengthening. There is room in the story’s structure to expand upon the events. It was an ideal candidate for feature length adaptation. The Grinch? Absolutely not. You can get 30 minutes out of the Grinch, tops. The cat in the hat? It could be done, but sadly not by those who chose to attempt it. I would love to see the team responsible for Horton restore the Cat in the hat’s good name after what Ron Howard and Mike Myers did to it. Shameful.

I’m absolutely stunned I haven’t heard more word of mouth for this movie. If you have the time and feel like watching 90 minutes of pure animated joy, head down to your local cinema and check it out. Horton Hears a Who receives Full Chains!

In other news, Coolio was accosted by an insane monkey wearing a diaper.


~ by Pagz on April 8, 2008.

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  1. Like sex on the beaches, huh, what

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