Ghost in the Shell

One of the great works of both Manga and Anime, Ghost in the Shell may be on it’s way to the big screen… as a live action film. Normally, I’d be very much against this. It’s been my experience that live action adaptation of Japanese animated or comic works never end well. However I’m going to make an exception in this case.

The reason? Because this particular effort is being spearheaded by Steven Spielberg. Despite recent missteps by the former master, I still have a lot of faith in Steve. He’s lost his touch for directing children sadly, but that’s okay, because as far as I’m concerned Spielberg still does a fine job with harder sci-fi films.

Anyway, a live action ghost in the shell sounds like an awesome idea to me if it’s done right. It is, thankfully, one of those anime’s whose storyline lends itself much more easily to live action adaptation than say some f the more ridiculous stuff. So, finger’s crossed for a good movie. Check out the variety article here.

~ by Pagz on April 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell”

  1. That variety article mistakenly identifies “three anime film adaptations,” whereas there are only two Ghost in the Shell theatrical features… perhaps they are including the straight-to-video feature “Solid State Society”? In that case, they should also be counting the “Individual Eleven” and “Laughing Man” films, bringing the grand total to five. Either way, they can’t count… but they clearly can steal misleading information from the Wikipedia! -_-

    I’m more curious about Spielberg’s “recent mis step [sic],” and why you feel “he’s lost his touch for directing children”… Are you referring to Haley Joel Osment’s performance in AI? Or perhaps Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds? I consider both performances to be as convincing as any work done by adult actors in the aforementioned films, and at least as effective as those of Henry Thomas (in ET) or Christian Bale (in Empire of the Sun).

  2. Yeah, I’d be on the opposite side of the fence on those performances. I found all of the child performances in A.I. to be dreadful, and Dakatoa Fanning’s performance in War of the Worlds really grated on me. I really wanted the aliens to get her by about the 20 minute mark.

    As far as Steve’s missteps go, I’d count A.I. and War of the Worlds amongst them. I think the problem with A.I. was that it wasn’t his film in the first place. War of the Worlds seemed to lose it’s direction for me round about the middle. And the ending? That might have flown when the book was written, or even back in the 50s when the original film was made, but today we know better than to buy into such an advanced alien race not being prepared for microbes. If we can make environment suits, so can they. Not to mention, given how long this invasion appears to have been in the planning they certainly would have had the time to study our environment and develop inoculations before heading on down for a visit.

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