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Every day brings us closer and closer to the big toy show kids! Can you feel it? The excitement? I sure as fuck can! And so, in our continuing series of toy show themed articles, Geoffrey Today! proudly presents:

Transformers is the greatest toy line of all time.

They’re robots. They’re vehicles. They’re good. They’re evil. They are more than meets the eye, robots in disguise. And when I was 5 they were the currency of cool on the asphalt arena of childhood. Me, I was a Wheeljack fan. He was awesome. He transformed from an awesome car into an awesome robot, and his mouth looked like Snake Eyes’ visor. He also invented the Dinobots… cool.

It would be impossible to overstate the impact that Transformers had on kids of the day. What self respecting kid wouldn’t love a show/toy line about giant robots that turned into awesome vehicles? Looking back on the show now, it is painfully cheesy, but there’s a charm to it that still wins through even today. And while the show may not have stood the test of time as successfully as G.I. Joe did, the toys are no less popular now than when they first hit.

The toys were something special and unique when they first hit. High quality, often metal, obscenely complicated and super cool. There was a sense of accomplishment that came with mastering the transformation of your toy that was often as close as any of us would get to solving a Rubik’s cube. God knows our parents were useless at transforming these things. For many of us it was our first taste of being able to do something that our parents couldn’t. That’s some powerful mojo right there.

Literally 2 toys in one, sometimes more depending on the robot, Transformers is one of the most groundbreaking toy lines ever produced. In this age of computer aided design, they’re just getting all the more mind blowing. On of my favourite toys of all time is the 20th anniversary Optimus Prime. It may very well be the most perfect transition from cartoon to toy ever made. Honestly, if you don’t “get” Transformers, nothing I say will help you. Transformers is like love, you just feel it way down in your soul.

Transform and roll out.

~ by Pagz on April 18, 2008.

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