Opportunity knocked. No one was home.

Today is the day kids. The Toy Show is on RIGHT NOW! Why are you sitting here reading this? Go! Don’t worry, the issue will stil be here when you get back.

By the time this post goes up I will be on my way to work, having spent the past few hours at the toy show. I write these posts a day ahead. I’m sitting on my couch right now, it’s 7:30pm and I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s (today’s) toy show. Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos of the toy show and my thoughts on the experience. Until then, this will have to pass the time.

The topic of today’s post is missed opportunities. What do I mean? I mean toys. There are so many great shows that truly deserved an awesome toy line. It’s been the topic of any number of late night Deny’s diner conversations amongst the inner circle. It seemed like a fitting way to finish the toy themed posts, dreaming about things that might have been.

Space: Above and Beyond

This was a short lived sci-fi series in the mid ’90s. Available on dvd now for less than 25 bucks, it’s worth owning. This toy line would have followed the lineage of G.I. Joe, military vehicles and action figures with a decidedly sci-fi slant. One of the golden opportunities here would have been the vehicles. You see, the main vehicle of the series, the SA-43 Hammerhead Endo/Exo fighter jet had a modular cockpit. Every episode you’d watch our heroes hop into there cockpits, and then see those cockpits lowered into the waiting bodies of their jets. This would have been a brilliant angle for the toys. Each charater would have come with their own personalized cockpit. Then you need only buy 1 Hammerhead fighter! Awesome.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

This show was begging for action figures. Space Cowboys with amazing powers and cool spaceships and robotic horses. Do I even need to spell it out?


Samus Aran and the space pirates. How cool would that have been?

The Legend of Zelda

Seems like a no brainer to me.

Super Mario Bros.

Sure, there were toys for the movie, but let’s not count those. There used to be a really successful line of Smurfs pvc figurines, you could get hundreds of Smurfs and even mushroom houses for creating your own Smurf village. Imagine the same treatment given to Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. Awesome.

There’s more to be sure, but that’s enough food for thought at this point I think. This of course doesn’t cover the long list of toy lines that were mishandled. Lines that could have been great if only they’d been treated with more respect. So, what does everyone think? Let’s have some discussion. What would you have killed for toys of? What toy lines pissed you off because they should have been great. If we get enough discussion going I’ll think about a follow up article.


~ by Pagz on April 20, 2008.

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  1. Brisco Country Junior.

  2. Brilliant.

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