I Rock… and Roll… All day long! Sweet Suzie.

Well kids, the Toy Show was a rousing success. I’ve been attending the toy shows here on the island over in Sidney for the past 2 years now, and this one beats them all combined, hands down. B and Candice did a superlative job. I got way too much stuff, all of it very cool. I also took a butt-load of pictures… And here they are!

ED-209 in lego form. Possibly the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. and I’ve seen great things.

Everybody loves Snoopy. I personally prefer him in his sno-cone making format.

Oooh, Rocky toys!

I love model kits, I wish I wasn’t such shit at making them.

Those are some cool lunchboxes, but they pale in comparison to the COOLEST lunchbox:

Fucking AWESOME! I wanted to get this thing soooo bad!

Video games, and hiding behind them… a really unhappy looking girl.

Vader and the crew were a big big hit with the kids.

The train guy had an awesome beard and his trains were sweet.

The nice thing about this toy show vs the Sidney toy show was the aisle space. You could actually walk around here without forcing your way past people, it was so nice!

I had this back in the day, it’s basically Road Warrior the board game. It ruled.

That’s right, there was a Tardis, a dalek and a series of Doctors and Masks in attendance!

This was a huge toy line of my childhood. Perhaps someday I’ll get the Super Powers logo tattooed on me somewhere.

Star Wars toys were well represented at the toy show.

A transformable Soundwave mp3 player? I wanted this almost as bad as that Pigs in Space lunchbox!

Here’s one of those Smurf figurines I mentioned yesterday.


I love Patlabor… Yeah, I bought it.

Plenty of old toys to be found at the toy show as well.

This is my buddy Kurt. We met back in 1999 when we spent 3 days in line for Episode 1. Now he has a kid! and he named her… Indiana! AWESOME!

The local lego club had some of their stuff on display.

A fine selection of horror toys was also available.

Tons and tons of Hot Wheels.

Old school boys dolls. Grizzly Adams I think. Weird.

OOoooh, Millennium Falcon IN THE BOX. Daddy wanted to bring this home.

Ah Coleco arcades. I loved these things. Alas I couldn’t afford to bring any of these beauties home with me.

This booth had a lot of sweet classic figurines.

Here’s B’s beautiful wife Candice with her beloved Magnum P.I.

This is B. B doesn’t want his face on the internet. My guess is that B must be a master criminal. So, as per request, B is pixelated out, COPS style.

I thought this Batman crime fighting kit was very amusing.

See those Atari games behind the Pac-Man thing? Yeah, I bought those.

Oh man I wanted that Astro boy clock.

Those are some sweet duds there Action Jackson.

There’s my buddy Warren, he’s clearly having a fascinating conversation with… I wanna say Dave or Matt. But honestly, cool as he is I never remember his name. However, he is the one who is going to help me build my Knightrider car when the time comes. He’s also the owner and builder of all those sweet Doctor Who displays we saw earlier. **Update** Matt’s name is MATT! Hooray!

This is the greatest photo I’ve ever taken in my entire life. Sorry ladies, warren has a girlfriend. Terri, you lucky duck!

And now, last but not least, a video of Darth Vader’s arrival. The kids love the Dark Lord of the Sith. Sound effects by Warren.

The toy show was awesome.


~ by Pagz on April 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Rock… and Roll… All day long! Sweet Suzie.”

  1. I totally had that Transformers lunchbox when I was a kid

  2. That was a lot of pictures. It makes me wish I’d actually gotten off my lazy butt and come down there. Wow. I want the Astro boy clock too.

  3. So jealous…I can’t even tell you. Calgary is lacking in Cherry Bomb/Classic toy awesomeness…Candice and B should become a franchise. Your pics make me wish I’d picked up those Kingdom Hearts toys we saw at the Sidney toy show eons back.

  4. Man that Doctor Who display was AMAZING, such talent to make a Tardis and Dalek, that is simply the best thing ever….it totally made the toy show worth going to….
    Oh wait…I made it. And the name is MATT.

  5. MATT! Thank you, it was driving me nuts. I have added Dead of Night studios to my links.

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