Rangers are forever.

When I was a kid, there were few things that held my interest more than outer space, robots, spaceships, Jedi or Jedi-like characters, aliens and laser guns. A combination of any of these elements was pretty much guaranteed to have me glued to the tube for however long said program was on.

Now, there were plenty of cartoons that made use of one or two of these elements: G.I. Joe had plenty of lasers and robots, Transformers had lasers, robots and spaceships, Droids had lasers, robots, spaceships and aliens, though oddly no Jedi. There was only one show, however, that had it all. A show which was, for me, sadly short lived. In later years I discovered that the show had run longer in other places, but in my neck of the woods it only lasted a few months before it disappeared from my after school viewing.

What was this show? You really need to ask? I speak, of course, of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers! and it kicked ass. Awesome spaceships, intergalactic law enforcement with incredible Jedi-Like powers (some of them anyways), aliens, robots, lasers all set in the final frontier? I was in animated heaven.

Looking back on the show now, it’s thoroughly ridiculous. Still, it has a certain charm to it. One of the more amusing factors has to be the “bad boy” of the group, Goose. Yeah, what a bad ass name right? And it gets better, because Goose is voiced with one of the worst Clint Eastwood impersonations ever. It’s comedy gold my friends.

So the show is basically about intergalactic cowboys keeping the peace in outer space. Awesome. And they have awesome spaceships and awesome powers. Their Leader, Zack, has this super cybernetic arm that looks totally awesome and shoots lasers! So this one character already combines several of those key features I was mentioning earlier! Next up is Niko, the female of the group so the show couldn’t be called sexist. She had super cool psychic powers and was a red head. I love red heads. Now we move on to Doc, the black guy. Doc is the computer genius of the group and is like some kind of super hacker. He also looks a lot like Lando Calrissian, so that rules! Finally, there’s Goose, who as I mentioned, is the bad boy of the group. He has the Clint Eastwood voice, a wolverine style back story and a “I work Alone’ attitude, but you just know he’ll learn that he’s stronger with the team than going solo.

The show also had the good fortune of coming out in the 80s which means that it had a fucking awesome theme song. In fact it had 2, because Galaxy Rangers was one of those super lucky shows that had both and opening AND a closing theme! and they both ruled! Ranks right up there with MASK as one of the best theme songs of the 80s. No guts no Glory baby.

Supposedly there were toys in Europe, but I can’t say about that. There certainly weren’t any here, which sucks. I did see the prototypes for the galaxy rangers line on ebay a few years ago. Honestly, it might have been a blessing that they didn’t get made. Anyway, that’s all I have on the subject. Here’s a pretty picture and some funky tunes, enjoy!

No Guts No Glory – The Opening and for a short while closing theme.

Rangers are Forever – The closing theme for the majority of the series.


~ by Pagz on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rangers are forever.”

  1. If only TMS had continued to animate the Transformers TV series after the movie, that series might’ve continued for many more years… or it might’ve flopped as badly as Galaxy Rangers, I suppose.

    Kudos to anyone who can work out the lyrics to “Rangers are Forever”… I always suspected they were singing in Swahili or something. ^_^

    I met series creator Robert Mandell at AX’05 in Los Angeles. He was promoting the DVD release of the series, which (three years later) has finally arrived:


    And you can pre-order them at Amazon.


    You may be interested to learn that Goose was named after the motorcycle cop in Mad Max!

  2. Crazy, I never knew that about Goose. I always made the assumption it was a Top Gun reference or something. Now then, as to the issue of lyrical content of Rangers are Forever…

    Now and again
    We need a hero
    When something out there is going wrong
    Riding the Stars
    Galaxy Rangers
    Making it right where the false is strong

    Blazing a trail in the dark of the night
    ‘Cross the Last Frontier
    No turning back where the end is in sight
    There’s a job to be done
    A fight to be won

    Rangers are forever
    Whenever they hear duty call
    they`ll be here to save us all.

    Rangers are forever
    Danger out there in the skies
    There can be no compromise
    Rangers they ride on and on
    Rangers are forever.

    And that’s word.

  3. Geoffrey, Rangers Are Forever! All 65 episodes of “The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers” are being released in two volumes. And it was not a ridiculous show, quite to the contrary; it was intelligent, fun, and had a great cast of fully developed characters. And the soundtrack rocked, period. Hope you find your inner Ranger again soon. T-Bone

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