State of the art

I have recently become obsessed. This is not an uncommon state of being for me. It’s what I refer to as a “kick”. I find myself on various “kicks” throughout the year usually. Comics, cartoons, movies, whatever. Right now my kick is video games. Retro video games. Specifically, I’m on an Atari kick.

Look at it. Check out all its majesties. I’m especially fond of the wood paneling, very sexy. Considering how many of these fuckers were made, it’s surprisingly hard to find one. There’s a place downtown that has one, but it’s a newer model which lacks the retro charm, and it’s retardedly expensive. I have a few other options up my sleeve yet though.

There’s something about those old games that really tickles me. Maybe it’s the low-fi graphics, maybe it’s the lack of music and the super electronic sound effects. Maybe it’s the simple yet highly addictive gameplay. Maybe it’s just nostalgia plain and simple. Who can say. All I know is that I’m looking forward to the day when I can plug a 2600 into my obscenely large TV and play something really shitty, like ET or the game that is widely consider responsible for the video game crash of 1983, Pac-Man.

You know what might be even better though? A ColecoVision with expansion module number 1. You see, ColecoVision was superior in every respect to Atari AND it had an expansion module that let you play Atari games on it. How could you lose? The answer is you couldn’t. Still, why have one when you could get both? Bwahaha.

So yeah, once I have a shit-load of games and some retro systems… RETRO GAME PARTY AT MY PLACE!


~ by Pagz on April 24, 2008.

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