Logos and the dangers of symbolic perception

This is pretty funny. Seems there’s this branch of the government in the UK called the Office of Government Commerce. Recently they spent a shit load of money getting themselves a new logo. Something fresh. Something hip. Something “today”. The problem is that there’s a secret image in this logo. And like the FedEx arrow, once you see it, it is impossible NOT to see it. Here it is:

Just in case you don’t see it yet, let me help you:

Finally, for those who still don’t see, imagine you’re looking at a stick figure… what is said stick figure doing?

Yup. You’ve seen it now, you can’t unsee it. And this beauty only cost them £14,000. Yeah, the day I get paid the equivalent of $28,278.08 to “design” THAT logo, a logo which is no more than 3 non serifed letters butted up against each other, is the day I expect to be declared the world’s sexiest man.

~ by Pagz on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Logos and the dangers of symbolic perception”

  1. I can’t figure out what the stick figure is doing? Someone please advise me. I’ll have to change my logo to have some secret message in it. Any ideas?

  2. Okay everyone, no making fun, Matt here is an innocent. Young master Mattly, the stick figure you see above is pleasuring itself, going on a date with Rosey Palm, beta-testing the hardware, he’s developing carnal tunnel syndrome, Giving Jean Luc Picard the Vulcan Grip, Manually Increasing the Surface Temperature of the Ship’s Primary Cannon by Repeated Linear Manipulation.

  3. bwahaha.
    I seriously want a job like that. Erm. Making secretly dirty logos for large amounts of money, not jerking off.

  4. I’d be good with either.

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