I’ve been waiting a long time. A very long time. I’ve gotten close, but never quite made it. I’ve been hopeful. I’ve been optimistic. I’ve even been thoroughly satisfied. But not until now have I been truly… words fail me. What am I talking about? If you know me or have been reading my blog, then you can probably guess. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about Iron Man.

I have no reservations in saying that Iron Man is the best comic book adaptation ever. I’ve been waiting for so long for that to happen. We’ve been close in the past, oh so very close. Superman was amazing, Spider-Man 2 was terrific, Batman Begins was awesome, But Iron Man…

Iron Man is perfect.

I could not be happier, honestly. Robert Downey Jr. is flawless as Tony Stark. He’s fucking brilliant. Gwyneth Paltrow is inspired as Pepper Potts. Terrence Howard is note perfect as Jim Rhodes, and finally, Jeff Bridges is dynamite as Obadiah Stane. This movie was perfectly cast. This Movie was perfectly directed. The score perfectly complimented the action without getting in the way or becoming intrusive.

Jared and I saw this together, and while Jared feels that the editing had the film slowed down a little too much in the dramatic scenes by comparison to the action sequences, I feel that this served the film well. I feel the contrast between the pacing of those scenes serves to highlight the action sequences and underline the importance of the dramatic scenes.

The special Effects in the film are eye popping and the Iron Man suit is perfectly realized. When contemporary music is used in the film it fits the moment perfectly. From start to finish this film was a winner. I haven’t been this satisfied with a film since the first times I saw Star wars and The Empire Strikes Back. That’s right, I’m putting Iron Man on par with 2 of my favourite films of all time. I can not wait to see this movie again.

Finally, this film has the best surprise ever waiting for audiences once the credits have finished rolling. If you saw this movie and didn’t wait through the credits, first of all shame on you, secondly, go back and see it again, this one moment is worth the price of admission, especially for comic fans. Fucking brilliant mother fuckers.

It was an amazing night for me. Only 1 thing could have made it better, and that has nothing to do with the movie itself. So, what are you doing just sitting there reading this post like a dumb shit? Go see IRON MAN!


~ by Pagz on May 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Finally.”

  1. Okay!OKAY!
    I’m fucking going already! Sheesh.

  2. You, Me, John and Anthony…Iron Man in July when we come to the island (provided it’s still in theatres of course)? Sound good? John and I are also going in Hawaii (provided it’s playing) so I can say I saw Iron Man in 2 countries, 3 cities and on 3 separate land masses. Let’s hope it all goes to plan.

  3. sounds awesome!

  4. just got back from my second viewing. holy radcore batman.

  5. Radcore, totally radcore to the MAX!

  6. If there was a sport involving dirt bikes and alligators and automatic rifles, where people whizz around on the bikes while grappled on to zip-lines in a swamp arena with basketball hoops at either end, it would still not be as cool as Iron Man.

  7. That sport, incidentally, would be called Awesome Cross.

  8. I have to wait a couple of months before I can see Iron Man…

    ..but I have played Awesome Cross before! ^_^

  9. We should start and Awesome Cross team!

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