Half assed

Sorry for the late post everyone. I know you’re probably all very disappointed. I don’t have anything really planned for today actually. What you’re reading right now is all stream of consciousness stuff. Honestly, with me that’s probably not terribly interesting.

I have TV again. It’s been a long time since I’ve had TV. Never really missed it. Still don’t. However, I now find myself once again exposed to one of my weaknesses. My Kryptonite. My Achilles heel. Infomercials. I have a problem with informercials. They hypnotize me. I’m ashamed at how many things I’ve purchased from infomercials. Let’s run down the list, shall we?

  1. Ultra-Sonic Toothbrush
  2. Power 90 exercise tapes
  3. Thunderstick Pro
  4. Miracle Blades

Some of those items I purchased in the delirium of sleep deprivation. Some I bought because I was truly impressed by the product. And some I bought because the infomercial was just fucking awesome. Yesterday I saw the best infomercial ever. It was dubbed, like a Godzilla movie. I think it was originally German. Whatever it was, the dubbing made it fucking hilarious. Sadly, despite the goofiness of the commercial, I am still sold on the product.

There’s something wrong with me.


~ by Pagz on May 8, 2008.

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