My Heroes

Recently I’ve been thinking about my heroes. Not my favourite super heroes, but the heroes of my youth (and today) who I looked up to. The one’s who helped shape the person I am and the ones who I still draw inspiration from today for whatever reason. So, here’s to my heroes!

Luke Skywalker

Probably my first hero. Luke Skywalker shoulders a lot of the responsibility for my early development. My desire to be a Jedi as a child was immeasurable. I think what really spoke to me about Luke was the fact that he wasn’t this larger than life hero like Superman, he was just a kid who found it within himself to do amazing things. And he didn’t always succeed! He made mistakes, he did things wrong. In the end he persevered and won through with his strength of character, his convictions, and his loyalties to the people he loved, even if they were the epitome of evil. Very inspiring to a 3 year old.

Michael Knight

What a guy. Seriously. A lone crusader in a dangerous world, the world… of the Knight Rider! Fucking awesome. Michael Knight was one hell of a guy, traveling the country helping those in need. Here was a guy who would put his life on the line every week for total strangers, just because it was the right thing to do. So yeah, awesome car and a do-the-right-thing attitude, I was sold.

Buck Rogers

Buck is one hell of a role model for a young kid. This guy taught us valuable lessons every week about tolerance, respect, equality, manners and a whole galaxy of other important ideas. The best part was that he was from “the past” and yet he was often way more civilized than those snotty future people. The show was goofy as hell but I don’t care, Buck was a swell guy and I wish kids today had role models like him on the TV.

Mike Holmes

This guy is my hero today. Is there anyone cooler than Mike Holmes? I think not. I swear I’m so addicted to Holmes on Homes that it’s not even funny. Sometimes his show almost makes me glad that I’ll never have the money to own my own house. Sometimes. Mike is a great guy and he’s done so much good for so many people, and why? Because he’s a genuinely good guy who hates seeing people get screwed over. He’s just a no bullshit, stand by your word kind of guy and that seems to be getting pretty rare these days. Good boy Holmesy!


~ by Pagz on May 11, 2008.

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