I am the King of KD

I’ve been an aficionado of Kraft Dinner since I was young. I think it would be safe to say that Macaroni and Cheese is probably, when all is said and done, my favourite food. My preference is for baked, but truly the mac and chee I eat most often is stove-top. And that’s fine. For years I’ve been mastering the art of making KD. Instructions are for weenies as far as I’m concerned. I now feel my way through KD.

Tonight, I made the greatest KD of my life. It was a masterpiece kids, I wish you all could have been here for it, truly divine. And I think I could make it even better with a few more ingredients. This is all the food network’s fault. I’ve spent too much time watching Good Eats and Restaurant Makeover. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d seriously consider going to school to become a chef.

Maybe I can open a restaurant where I only serve variations of KD. Geoff’s KD Diner. No, probably not.


~ by Pagz on May 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “I am the King of KD”

  1. i’m totally the same way, i just feel it. you just know, and it turns out amazing. KD is perfection.

  2. I demand you open this restaurant…or a Whitecastle…next to an empty space where my Cupcake Den can go.

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