Seuss had it right.

The intricacies of human interaction never cease to baffle. I wonder if a consequence of consciousness is the ability to hold 2 or more conflicting beliefs simultaneously. Certainly it’s a phenomenon totally unique to sentience. Honestly, I could do without it. Life would be so much easier to manage if people said what they meant and meant what they said. Alas, personal experience has taught me, often rather brutally, that anything anyone says or promises should be treated as suspect. It’s kind of a bleak view of humanity, I know. I wish it were sunnier.

Of course, I never really listen to my own experience, so I take what people say to me at face value. This causes me endless trouble. People say things to me or tell me things, and I foolishly assume that they mean what they say. And then of course I wind up in trouble when making that assumption. The worst is when they don’t understand why I’m confused, like they expect me to know they didn’t mean what they said. It probably is my fault. I’ve clearly grown up with this nasty habit of saying what I mean.

Life is complicated enough without adding multiple or contradictory meanings to our daily discourse. Wouldn’t it be nice if people just stopped inventing ways to make their lives more complicated? I think it would.


~ by Pagz on May 21, 2008.

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