The coming storm.

I’ve recently been drawn into a debate about the supposed virtues of the prequel trilogy, specifically of Episode I. I’m actually conversing with a person who thinks it’s a “good” Star Wars movie. Yeah, I know. This will not stand. I’ve written a large review of Episode I. Too large for a single post. I quit halfway through, but this recent return to the debate has inspired me to finish. So, I’ll be posting the review in sections. This is an excellent time for anyone who’s been wanting to to take a vacation from my blog, because it’s about to get extra nerdy. See you tomorrow for part 1.


~ by Pagz on June 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “The coming storm.”

  1. Now all we require is for B to actually read the review.

  2. And by B I mean Brad, not B as in Cherry Bomb. Also…where’s the package!?!?!

  3. It’s not there yet? What the shit Canada post. I’ll go to the post office tomorrow and find out what the dealio is.

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