An energy field created by all living things… and germs

Time to head back to Naboo, but before we go, let’s have some awkward conversation on a landing pad, shall we? First on the roster is Obi-Wan who feels the need to tell his master that the boy is dangerous. I’m not sure how Obi has come to this conclusion or why, and I’m not sure why he feels the best way to deal with a dangerous force adept is to let him discover his powers and how to use them for himself. Seems to me that since the dark side is the easier path, one would want to ensure he didn’t follow that path. But that’s why I’m not a Jedi Master I suppose.

Okay. I’ve been dreading this moment. It’s time to talk about *sigh* Midichlorians. You see, George had this amazing idea back in the day. He created this kind of universally recognizable spirituality for his universe that didn’t require the imposition of a religious belief structure. The force was something we were all a part of. We created it by being alive and it binds everyone and everything in the galaxy together. There’s something very comforting and powerful about that. It connected with and appealed to people in a very personal way. We all felt like we could be a part of it. With time and training and meditation, anyone could open themselves to the force. It was simplicity and it worked amazingly well.

George, ever the tinkerer couldn’t leave the force alone. Having made something that was perfect, he felt the need to revisit it and fuck it all up. You see, George had to explain the force in scientific terms; or rather he had to explain how Jedi interact with the force. No longer is the Force something we can all have access to, no, now it’s genetic. This flies in the face of everything that made the Force so popular. Now you have to have a body full of Midichlorians to be a Jedi. Midichlorians are a microscopic symbiotic life form that resides in all living cells and facilitates communication with and manipulation of the force. And thus the Jedi become a master race as opposed to individuals of spiritual integrity and discipline. Lame. Thanks for excluding us George, god knows we didn’t enjoy feeling like we could be a part of something incredible.

Not only do the midichlorians fuck up the Force, but the scene which explains them is so poorly written and acted as to be an embarrassment to bad movies. Anakin is terrible, and Qui-Gon is just so boring. He has none of the gravitas or earnest believability of Alec Guiness. If Alec Guiness told you that the world was made out of puppies, you’d believe him. So, the Force ruined it’s time to pack everyone up and Head back to Naboo. Jar jar, do the honours please. *shudder*


~ by Pagz on July 1, 2008.

One Response to “An energy field created by all living things… and germs”

  1. I was convinced George was into scientology after I saw this movie. That’s the only other religion I can think of where spiritual energy can be measured and quantified by a special machine.

    The only people who dont have a problem with ‘Midichlorians’ are those that could not understand the original ‘nebulous’ concept.

    Truly awful, one wonders if he actually wrote the first movie at all, or if his buddy wrote it (You know the one that went missing in 1976)

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