The time bending magic of the internet

You know what’s amazing? I can write my posts for days, weeks, even months in advance. It’s great. If I have a day where I’m feeling particularly verbose, I can sit down, write and potentially create enough separate entries that I won’t have to think about my blog for ages. Today is such a day. What day is today? That’s the other amazing thing, since I write my posts in advance, who can say? I am the wizard of speed and time. Well, not really, but that was a wicked movie.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of Wookiepedia. One does what one can to fill the hours.

I love Star Wars, but not the way I used to. the past decade has really tarnished what was once something very pure in my life. Hmm, maybe that sounds a little dramatic. I know more about Star Wars than any reasonable person should. I read the books and comic books, I had the roleplaying manuals, I was obsessed. The problem is that as the universe got bigger, it felt to me like it was actually getting smaller. I felt like Star Wars was slipping away from me, moving in directions that just didn’t seem consistent with my own internal compass of  what Star Wars is.

The more authors played in the sand box, the less room there was it seems. I imagine it’s a natural byproduct of so much material. No longer is Boba Fett’spast a mystery, no longer are the clone wars anything I can imagine. As the background details of the galaxy get nailed down, there’s less room to play. After nearly 2 decades of immersion in the “expanded universe” I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I have no interest in or use for just about any of it. I love the Heir to the Empire trilogy, and… ummm… Okay, that’s about it. Everything else just takes Star Wars away from where I feel it should be.

This is all subjective of course. My vision of Star Wars is not necessarily for anyone else. It could be that my vision of Star Wars is just for me. But that’s fine, there aren’t many people I’d want to share it with anyways.

Foley and I have been writing our own Prequels to replace the ones George made, at least in our own personal continuity. We have the first film fully blocked out, and the basic plot of the 2nd and third. I already like it better than the prequel trilogy. That’s what I miss the most about Star Wars I think. I miss the time when I was the expanded universe. I miss when everything that happened before, between or after the movies was my domain.

I guess I’m selfish.

~ by Pagz on October 8, 2008.

One Response to “The time bending magic of the internet”

  1. I will say that I agree with your feelings of the last decade… reducing the lustre of the original series. I don’t know nearly as much as you do, but I did read a whole lot of the books after watching the original 3 movies eleventeen bajillion times. And then, the new movies were released.

    I grew up playing with 2 boys in my neighbourhood who were equally as obsessed with Star Wars. One of them even had multiple playsets, including the Ewok treehouse that I would LOVE to own. They would take turns being Luke and Han, and I was Leia, and we’d run around the neighbourhood inventing adventures (that usually invovled them having to save me from some doom). THAT was Star Wars – these adventerers so alike us, yet so different, that could be turned into whatever mind-blowing cool adventure you wanted that day.
    Today they’re still there, but they’ve been cleaned up, explained, tidied, made cuter, even a little Disney-fied. It’s all wrapped up and handed to us, and I feel like the magic got lost.

    Oh. That was long.

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