Annual Gift Giving Day List!

It’s that time of year again! I love getting presents for people. I spend a lot of time trying to find something perfect. I’m all about unique and interesting and thoughtful gifts, something that shows that I was really intent on finding something the giftee will like.

It just seems to me that that’s the entire point. Every year I recieve gifts like toiletries and bags of socks, and these are the gifts that cement my conviction to not do that. those are the kinds of gifts that say “I was at wall-mart and this was on sale” as opposed to “I was thinking about who you are and what you love and chose something appropriate to your likes and tastes because I care about you.”.

I hate to complain about it, I really do. It makes me sound like an asshole I know. I’m not looking for expensive gifts. I’m not really looking for gifts at all. If I didn’t get anything I’d be fine with that. Honestly, I’d rather receive nothing than receive a gift that was bought out of obligation and shows no thought. I’d rather hang out with you than receive a present that means nothing.

I’ve heard the complaint that I’m hard to shop for, which I think is ridiculous. Walk in to any Toys R Us or comic shop and you’re going to find any number of things that will make me happy and be pretty cheap. DVDs, comics, toys, star wars. You’re covered. However, there are those special items that I would give my left arm for, and since you won’t know unless I tell you, I present them to you here. Be aware, this is my “dream” list. I expect NOTHING from this list. This is the list I give to my billionaire friends. Still, regardless of outcome, this shit is of da hook, in the parlance of our times.

Battlestar Galactica Warrior Jacket

colonial_warrior_jacket12Oh Baby! This would rank just below my Picard jacket in coolness.

Gunstar Ultimate Model Hobby Resin Kit


The Gunstar is the coolest spaceship EVER.

MIllennium Falcon Diorama

falconIt’s just so beautiful… and obscenely expensive.

Predator bust.

predatorsI love the Predator, it’s just so bad ass!

Kubrick Alien Toys!

kubrickalien1They’re so adorable! and scary! They’re Scadorable!

The Rocketeer!

rocketeerWhat better way to say “Rest in Peace Dave Stevens” than by getting me a mini bust of his greatest creation!

Perspective Drawing Board

drawing-boardPerspective is my mortal enemy. This drawing board is would be my weapon against it.

Woody Woodpecker

woodyThis is Woody Woodpecker at his finest, before he came down with a big case of suck.

Worlds Finest Star Wars Mugs!

mugsThese are the greatest Star Wars mugs of all time. They were made back in the 70s. You can usually find them on ebay. I’ve never owned a mug that was MY mug, but one or both of these would clearly fill the bill. I think I’m the only person at work who doesn’t have a personal mug sometimes, and I crave the acceptance of the mob :p


~ by Pagz on November 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Annual Gift Giving Day List!”

  1. I don’t think you’re being a complete ass! My family always gets me tonnes of useless shit. The year I moved to Vancouver (from Calgary) I got like 3 mitten/toque sets! Nobody even stopped to think that Van is warmer than Calgary. I usually get pajama pants overload and more bath products than I can use in a year. Now that I live far away, I hardly get any presents at all–but at least it’s been an effective crap filter!

  2. Last year my parents got me: Socks, Deodorant, Floss, Razors, Cologne (I don’t wear cologne and this is well known), A Tin of candies that I never eat (They are also aware I don’t eat them, and are further aware that I have a collection of unopened tins from years past), 2 Shirts more suited to my retired father than myelf, and a pair of Pyjama Pants.

    To me, it’s not really a “present” if it’s something I would have picked up on my next trip to the grocery store.

    A number of years ago I banned clothing as an acceptable present. I have too many clothes that I don’t wear. Any clothes purchased for me would only end up going to good will unworn.

    Alas, my ban has been forgotten, and I just don’t have the heart to do it again. Oh well, my yuletide loss is goodwill’s gain, so at least it’s not a waste.

  3. You’re actually the only person I’ve finished Christmas shopping for. Hard to shop for? Pfah! I scoff at anyone who claims such nonsense.

  4. Thanks bro, at least I can always count on you 😉

  5. My Christmas will be small this year. Anyone over the age of five that doesn’t live with me will probably be getting trinkets and/or cards or some variation on said theme. I don’t have the monies for the postage.

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