Are there any exceptionally wealthy benefactors in the house?

Consider this part II of yesterday’s xmas list. I’m a big fan of surfing the internet in search of cool stuff. Most of it I will never see, but never the less, I enjoy checking it out. A site I check out more than most others would be Sideshow Collectibles. They make some of the coolest nerd stuff in the world. They also charge a lot for it. If I have any rich benefactors, this is the place for you. Everyone else, please enjoy the view as I do.

Pete’s Dragon!


God help me I loved this movie when I was 5. It’s lost it’s allure as I’ve grown up. Now I find it mostly embarrassing. Still, that’s one sweet dragon.

Legendary Scale Iron Man Bust


I love Iron Man. and I love this bust. The face plate comes off to reveal Tony Stark underneath. How cool is that? It’s no longer available from Sideshow, but it’s usually floating around on eBay. I know. I look at it a lot :p

Predator Life Size Bust.


Go ahead, try to tell me that isn’t totally bad ass. You can’t, can you. Again, no longer available. I see it on eBay occasionally though.

Iron Man Life Size Movie Bust


I loved the movie, and this thing has light up eyes!

The Bat Phone!


I totally want this to be the phone I buzz people in to my place with.


Long have I desired to have a Star Wars Arcade machine, sitdown cockpit style, of my very own. You see them on eBay occassionally. One day kids, one day.

Cocktail Arcade Cabinets!













I’ve always said that as soon as I’m rich, all my end tables will be cocktail arcade cabinets. It’s going to be glorious.


~ by Pagz on November 24, 2008.

One Response to “Are there any exceptionally wealthy benefactors in the house?”

  1. me too, i also like to have my own one.. he he

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