The labyrinth

So I’m trying to get my PS3 fixed right now as I type this. The first hurdle I run in to is that I’m Canadian. The Canadian website does not have ANY information about service for their products. When I did finally find a link to such, it sent me to the American website. I’d already been there and gonethrough the whole process which ended when I discovered the online service request form only works for US residents. Fabulous.

I am now on hold, with an expected hold time of 15 minutes. Awesome, and the automated menu system at Sony? Not infuriating at all. Sony has clearly gone out of their way to make using their warranty fiendishly difficult. Clearly the best way to instill customer loyalty is to sell $500+ systems and then make it next to impossible for your customers to get help with it.

Mostly I’m just bitter that I even have to do this. I bought the extended service plan at work, but Sony now insists that for the first year, they have to do the repairs and service. Thanks Sony, what should have taken me 5 minutes is now taking me considerably longer and causing me way more aggravation.

I love the PS3. I hate Sony. *sigh*


~ by Pagz on December 4, 2008.

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