Dear Santa Claus, have I told you lately what a swell fella you are?

A week and a day, that’s madness!

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a ridiculously good boy this year. You know what I want for Christmas, but I know you can’t give it to me. Still, if you could do your best I’d be very grateful. Allow me to provide you with some back up possibilities, just in case.

I’m lifting my normal ban on clothing because these are very keen:



I’ll need one in each colour, preferably two.


Wisdom of the ages.

jedi_vennA highly revealing Venn Diagram.

b3a2_disaster_areaThe loudest noise of any kind ever.

schrodingerscatI’ll alert the SPCA.

abd4_day_without_fusionFusion rules.

plutoWeak indeed.

rayscastSpeed kills.

domokun_hoodieDomo-Kun is my spirit animal.


I’ll need one in Red and Blue.

workshirt-geekI’m an XL.

showercurtainYeah, I think it’s cool, sue me.

aed3_startrek_plate_coversMy place requires these.

So, there we are. Just some thoughts.


~ by Pagz on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dear Santa Claus, have I told you lately what a swell fella you are?”

  1. Did you get my package?

  2. I love Domo kun. So pretty.

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