Who watches out for the Watchmen?

Some of you may be familiar with the legal shitstorm brewing over the upcomming release of the Watchmen. You see, Fox had the distribution rights once upon a time, but 20 years later Warner Bros has actually gone ahead and made the fim. Fox was well aware, it wasn’t a well kept secret. They sat, watched, waited, and now with the Watchmen approaching release they’ve suddenly stepped up and said “Hey no!”. Fox is now asking to halt the release of the film. It’s what I like to call bullshit. Legally I’m sure Fox has every right to do what they’re doing, but it seems to me that there’s an issue here of Fox taking advantage of this situation. To me it’s like a Trademark, in order to keep a trademark one must actively persue and prevent others from infringing on it. If you don’t, your trademark lapses and you’ve waived your legal right through lack of action. It seems to me that Fox has forfeited their claim on distribution rights to this project by waiting so long to make any attempts to prevent its production or release, but that’s just me. I think Dan put it best: Fox, eat all the dicks.


~ by Pagz on December 29, 2008.

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