Oh Ricardo! Why did you have to leave us?

Okay, that was sad, but life carries on and it’s time to move with it. Sorry I’ve not been posting, as it turns out I’ve not had a lot to say about anything, and I’m afraid that’s still the case. However, I’m a professional, so I won’t let something minor like a lack of content keep me from my blogging duties.

Those of you who know me probably know about my problem with “kicks”. I don’t know if this a phenomenon unique to me personally or if this effects others in a similar way, but I often go on what I call “kicks”. I have a lot of fandoms: Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Tron, GI Joe, Ninja Turtles, Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, Mega Man, Zelda, Galaxy Rangers, well, you get the idea, the list is extensive. So what happens to me is, my focus will shift every so often. I’ll be focused on one of these subjects, devoting much of my spare time to their study and enjoyment. And then, often without warning, my focus will dramatically shift to one of those other topics and my previous fevered interest will be all but forgotten.

Right now I’m on a Ghostbusters kick, for those who hadn’t already deduced as much. Not that ghostbusters is ever very far from my heart, but recently I’ve been much more actively involved in my fandom. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, who knows. Honestly, I hope I never get well 😉

Okay, more tomorrow. I miss you Ricardo.

~ by Pagz on January 17, 2009.


  1. They never made “Fantasy Island” action figures (despite having a”Love Boat” toy line!), but Ricardo Montalban was eventually granted plastic immortality thanks to Star Trek.

    Also, a bizarre new Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive figure commemorates Shatner’s famous line from “The Wrath of Khan”:


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