Geoffrey: Version 3.0

So, I’m 30 now. Time for some upgrades. Time for a complete overhaul. The previous 29 versions are gone. Here’s the Specs on the brand model:

Geoffrey Version 3.0

1) No girls. My romantic prospects are officially Zero. Maybe when version 3.1 arrives I’ll re-evaluate this position, but for the time being I’m out.

2) Incompatible with Fast Food. No more. If I didn’t make it or if it wasn’t cooked by a chef in a real kitchen, I’m not eating it. Further, eating out will also be taking a distinct downswing.

3) No more debt. My financial situation is fairly stable right now. I intend to eradicate my remaining debt this year.

4) Less driving. I intend to walk more and drive less. This will require the acquisition of orthotics, which thankfully my work will cover.

5) Clothes. Clothes make the Man, or so I’ve heard. Time to step it up appearance wise and start presenting a more polished front. Advice and assistance appreciated.

6) Social life. I’m going to make Movie Night and MST3K Night regular fixtures at my place. Set times and days. Everyone welcome.

7) Nonstop Pop. The comic took another unexpected hiatus in the wake of computer troubles. Those troubles are now almost totally sorted out. Look for the return of NSP to it’s regular weekly schedule by the end of April.

8 ) Work. Time to step up my performance at work and start making some heftier commission.

9) The Gym. Daily. No Excuses.

10) Tattoos. Work continues on my sleeves. On track to be mostly finished the right arm by the end of August.

11) Me first. I have a habit of putting others before myself a lot of the time. That won’t likely change, however, I intend to start taking my needs and well being considerably more seriously and stop sacrificing them as often as I have in the past.

12) Geoffrey Today. Will be daily once again.

13) Other projects. It’s time to start focusing on my personal projects and see them through to fruition instead of letting them languish. Proton Pack, Edits and Animation will fall under this.

So that’s it. Geoffrey 3.0

Feel free to make any suggestions or comments.

~ by Pagz on April 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Geoffrey: Version 3.0”

  1. I believe that #5 will directly influence #8. For # I suggest button down shirts, with nice non-holey very dark jeans and leather loafers (no sneaks my good man), and or nice knit sweaters or even a polo shirt. Perhaps even a blazer or a vest of some kind. Work may require slacks, but stay away from creased, flat front trousers only. Keep the superhero/star wars/cartoony shirts for personal time, since I know that’s how you really roll.

    Also, #13 is my personal favourite.

  2. I would like to offer $100.00 towards #5, you really look good in semi preppy clothes, but what do I know, I’m only your mom. #13 is really good.

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