The greatest candy bar ever

We don’t have it in Canada anymore, or at least, not on the Island and I never saw it in Vancouver when I lived there. It’s called Whatchamacallit and it’s fucking delicious. But I’m not really here to talk about that. I know, it’s a misleading title. What I really feel like talking about is advertising. It’s kind of weird how a good commercial, or worse, a bad commercial can stick with you forever.

Take Whatchamacallit for example. A candy bar that most of my Canadian brethren have never even heard of, and yet I can still remember the tune and most of the gibberish words from the commercial that ran in the late 80s. and now I inflict it upon you:

Terrible. What is it about commercials that allow them to bury themselves into our brains so effectively? Oh the things I would remove from my mind if only I could. I’m talking to you Kideo.


~ by Pagz on July 26, 2009.

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