Home decor, some question my tastes.

And rightly so. I live in what could easily be described as a Toy Store or a Video Store. My place is crammed with collectibles and memorabilia of all varieties and enough movies to choke a gundark. My place does not exactly look “classy”. That’s okay though, as I’m not a particularly classy guy. I’m more of a geek. So, what do I want in my place?

This for starters:

Go on, try and tell me that’s not something you can see m putting on my walls?

I’m not all geekishness though, there is more to me. All those toys and things I have? I long for a way to display them properly. I really need some of these:

A couple of those on either side of my TV would do nicely. Maybe one or two more to flank my DVD collection…

Finally, I’ve long wanted a loooong couch. One that takes up pretty much my whole living room wall. My weekly movie night finds seating at a premium quite often, but alas I’ve never found anything suitable, until now:


Either of these couches would provide me with the seating space I so desperately want. I kinda dig the couch with the lounge ends, that’d be super comfy.


~ by Pagz on November 28, 2009.

One Response to “Home decor, some question my tastes.”

  1. You’ve been spending a lot of time shopping online, haven’t you?

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