Magnum Force

I’ll make no apologies about it: I want a “new” car. That is, I want a car that is not my current car. I want a car that is “me”. I want to drive a vehicle that I have chosen, that reflects my personality. Obviously that means either the Knight Rider car, the Delorean Time Machine, or the Ghostbusters car. In actual fact, I came very close to getting my hands on a vintage ambulance some months back, but alas it sold before I could make an offer.

But I’ve been thinking, do I really want an old car? They’re not the easiest things to maintain, certainly not the cheapest, and their fuel efficiency isn’t exactly stellar. I’m starting to think that what I really want is a new car I can retrofit into the same kind of design aesthetic as those cars I mentioned. To this end I’ve done some research, given it some thought, and come to a decision:

I want a Dodge Magnum.

Somewhat reminiscent of the Ecto in its design but still rather modern looking, at least I think so. To my mind this seems to afford me the best of all worlds. A custom dash and light bar in the grill and I’ve got Knight Rider covered. A lightbar up top, some trickery with the paint job to imply red fins and a no ghost logo on the door, and ecto is all wrapped up. And finally there’s no reason I can’t pop a flux capacitor in there for kicks ๐Ÿ˜‰

In all actual likelihood I’d never end up doing any of that. But daydreams are fun. Alas my current car endured about 6 months of eggings from an unknown assailant which has stripped much of the clearcoat off. It would cost $3600 to fix the paint, and I seriously doubt I could get more than $4500 for the car with pristine paint, which makes fixing it hardly worthwhile. A recent visit to a dealership to browse some cars revealed that the most I can hope to get on a trade in of my car in its current condition is about $1200. Rough.

So yeah, a special thanks to the asshole that egged my car, you cost me several thousand dollars.

I’ll leave you with some shots of a Magnum converted into an Ecto-mobile to raise our spirits (see what I did there?). Not how I’d do it, but Super Awesome none the less.


~ by Pagz on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “Magnum Force”

  1. I could try this with my Fielder, but I would have serious doubts about the future of my marriage.
    So, I’ll just have to buy her a new car. ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†ใŒ็„กใ„ใ€‚

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