8 days

I’ll officially be in my 30s in 8 days. Not just 30, but actually *in* my 30s. A subtle distinction perhaps. To be sure I am already 30, but somehow 31 seems much more muchy.

So last year I did a big Geoffrey 3.0 post. And I’m going to do it again this year. But not today. Today is just going to be a bit of incoherent rambling really.

I am currently unemployed. The new job doesn’t start until April 26th. This has left me with a lot of free time. Which is pretty great. Honestly I’m going to miss it when it goes. That being said I haven’t really utilized this time to its fullest.

I have started working out every morning. Which is bollocks by the way. Working out is lame and leaves me sore. Sure I feel kinda good about having done it, but that doesn’t make the doing it part any more enjoyable. In addition to working out in the mornings I’ve been going swimming in the evenings. The hope is that all this activity might do something about my physical appearance, which could currently be summed up in the word “grotesque” without hyperbole.

Results are slow alas. Oh well, Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

In other news, my uncle is dying and likely won’t be with us much longer. Last year my Uncle had surgery for bowel cancer as some of you may already know. He seemed to be recovering, but alas it wasn’t to be. He’s home now, they’re just making him comfortable.

30 wasn’t a particularly good year for me. Neither was 29 for that matter. Maybe 31 will see some improvements. I’m not really where I thought I’d be at this age. Some days that bothers me, other days… well, I just don’t pay attention to it.

I’m a simple guy. I’m really not looking for all that much. Alas, life doesn’t work based on what you deserve.

it’s 2:03am. You know what that means.

~ by Pagz on March 25, 2010.

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