Kick Ass

Going to the premier of Kick-Ass tonight with my bff Melissa. We’re going to dress up as super heroes because that’s how we roll. I’m not sure what my super hero name is going to be, but I’m leaning towards Radicool X. I fully expect to be the sexiest chunky super hero you’ve ever seen. And you know what they say: Once you go chunky, you’ll never go hunky.

Okay, so they don’t say that. But they really should.

We’ll post pictures afterward I’m sure.

Part of my brain is taking the whole making a costume thing waaay too seriously. Thinking about things that I really don’t need to, like “I’ll need to wear long sleeves to cover up my tattoos otherwise people will be able to identify me”.

I’m a dork.

And for all your heroic supply needs might I suggest The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

I steer clear of the tights personally. Me being seen in tights has been deemed a crime against humanity under the Geneva convention.


~ by Pagz on April 15, 2010.

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