So I’m finally back to work. I gotta tell you, after a month and a bit of total freedom, going to work is hard to get used to. Oh well, money was about to run out anyways, then all that “freedom” I was enjoying would turn sour pretty fast I expect.

Right now I’m studying, trying to memorize all of the ferry routes we have. My brain is rebelling. None of these routes have anything to do with Star Wars or Ghostbusters or Doctor Who and my mind is having none of it.

It’s going to be okay though, I broke down and ordered some brain food. Pizza on the way. I know I shouldn’t have, but some days you just… gotta… eat man food. Most days I’m perfectly happy with my brown rice and stir fried veggies and chicken. Tonight, under the torture of actual concentration, my mind demands some compensation.

I should be at swing dancing right now. Alas, my continued employment is dependent upon my successful memorization of all 36 routes, their names, numbers and acronyms. Sigh.

Last night was good times. I saw the Losers with my friend Cassie. Pretty fun movie. Chris Evans wears the greatest t-shirts. It’s kind of predictable and the villain really needed to be played by Sam Rockwell instead of the guy they got, but it’s some good popcorn fun, plenty of memorable quotes and corny one liners.

That’s enough procrastination for now, back to studying.

Save me!


~ by Pagz on April 27, 2010.

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