Am I crazy?

So there’s been a lot of talk recently about Ghostbusters 3. Is it going to happen? Is it not? Who’s involved? Well, I grant that a good many of you probably haven’t heard all this talk because I fully expect that most of you don’t frequent the ghostbusters news and fan sites with the devotion that I do. Just trust me, there’s a lot of talk.

Much of this talk revolves around Bill Murray. Bill isn’t exactly balls-to-the-wall gung-ho enthusiastic about a 3rd film. I’m not going to blame him. It must be an entirely different experience being inside this thing than it is for you or me. Bill has joked for over 10 years now that he’d only do it if they killed him off and made him a ghost. This rumour continues to surface over and over amongst all the other talk. That’s not really what I want to talk about though, just some perspective.

Maybe I’m crazy, but here’s what I’m thinking:
A third Ghostbusters movie will be expensive and difficult. The original cast are getting older. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are both pretty chunky these days, Bill Murray has fared a little better, the only member of the original cast who looks like he could still be a ghostbuster is Ernie Hudson. This poses a number of problems for the writers of the third movie. You can’t really ignore these facts. When I wrote my Ghostbusters 3 script I had to keep these facts in mind, and it wasn’t easy. The temptation is to write based on how things were, not how they are now.

What I’m thinking is, do we really need a third film? I know what you’re going to say “Geoff! You love Ghostbusters the way Ninja Turtles love pizza! How could you say such a thing?” That’s a fair and reasonable assessment and I have an answer for you. I think we’d be better off with a Ghostbusters television series. Think about it. Special effects are cheap enough and good enough now to allow for a Ghostbusters series. The animated series proved that Ghostbusters can make an entertaining television series, imagine it as a 1 hour format live action show?

Supernatural themed series are a lucrative market: X-Files, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Charmed, and probably a shit ton of others that I’m forgetting. All these shows were successful and popular and ran for many seasons. Is there any reason to expect Ghostbusters couldn’t do the same? It would be so easy! Basic premise – Ghostbusters has become an international franchise, like McDonalds. There are branches in most major cities. It would be easy to get an Aykroyd, Ramis or Hudson cameo to sell the concept. Murray would be harder, but who knows, even Bill might crack offered the right kind of script.

There it is, my mad genius idea. Ghostbusters: The Series.


~ by Pagz on April 28, 2010.

One Response to “Am I crazy?”

  1. While neither “Blood Ties” nor “Sanctuary” proved as popular as the supernatural-themed series you mentioned above, they do provide additional evidence that the genre exists on television… and furthermore, that such a series could be produced entirely in Canada!

    Come to think of it, “Friday the 13th” was yet another Canadian TV series along the same lines…

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