Never again

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work today. Ages ago I gave up on grocery stores and opted for the ease and convenience of ordering my groceries online. Alas of late my finances have been kinda crazy what with the transitioning jobs and such. Long story short (too late) I haven’t bought groceries in nearly 2 months. Needless to say I’ve been running very low. So it was that on my way home today I decided I could not wait for delivery, I needed to take care of this myself.

I now remember why I gave up on going to the store myself. Grocery shopping sucks. Especially around 4pm, which is about when I’m able to. The store was crowded, terrible children were everywhere, no one was looking where they are going, and everything was so spread out it takes forever to get what you need. I spent a good 40 minutes getting basics. BASICS. Thank goodness I didn’t want to do a big haul today.

Never again. From now on I’m ordering my groceries online like any sane person should. $8 delivery fee vs terrible children, ridiculous crowds, labyrinthine aisles, lines, parking and carrying my goods in to my place? Shit, $8 is a bargain.


~ by Pagz on June 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Never again”

  1. Crap $8 *is* a friggin bargain!!! I should consider it myself. I’m glad you came out safely LOL

  2. $8?? What site do you use? That is totally worth it.

    I do most of my shopping at a Walmart Supercenter, but I kind of go for the awful experience on purpose. I might be a very sad person.

  3. I get my groceries from

  4. Geez, you poor Canadians! Grocery shopping in Japanese supermarkets is a pleasure; in fact, my friends and I often like to hang out there late at night, ogling all the gorgeous Japanese chicks. The “delivery health” call girl co-eds often wait for clients in the all-hours supermarket parking lots, and are happy to chat with foreign guys; and actually, 4pm weekends is also a great time to be grocery shopping, when leggy teenage girls (sometimes in pairs, sometimes with their mothers) are plentiful. Most of ’em even wear heels.

    Japanese summers rule!

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