A thought

Dear Ladies,

I know that it’s hard to resist. I know you think it’s “softening” the blow or something. I know it feels like the right thing to do…

But telling a guy how wonderful or amazing he is when you are:

A) Breaking up with him


B) Not interested in him (in response to him expressing interest in you)

Just makes a fella question his own self worth, because if all those pretty things you’re saying are true, then why are you leaving/not interested? Do you see what I mean? I’m not saying you need to go the polar opposite route and put the guy down, but perhaps it would be best to try to sidestep that line of complimentary speech altogether.

Almost every girl I’ve ever dated has fed me those compliments as they broke up with me. If their cumulative testimonials are to be believed, I’m the greatest guy in the history of ever, and yet I remain alone and unwanted. You see how this can be damaging to one’s self esteem? I know it’s hard. I know everything in you wants to reassure this person that they’re worthwhile and your decision is not based on some flaw of theirs. Seriously though, if it’s you and not them, just say so and leave it at that.

You know what, don’t listen to me. Blogging when you’ve been drinking is a bad idea. But in the interests of honesty, let’s leave it up and see what happens.

~ by Pagz on July 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “A thought”

  1. How would you like if you were to be fed SSRI’s (when you weren’t depressed) by a girlfriend to make you hypomanic and agreeable to a ‘change of pace’.

    Man, it gets worse that girls telling you you’re wonderful, but not for them!

    It’s not like your biological clock is ticking…

  2. Ummm… I’m really not sure what’s being said here.

  3. It sounds to me like she wants to have kids, and she wants you to be her baby daddy! ^_^

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