Feelin’ groovy.

So I woke up this morning with my usual back pain. Nothing unusual about that. I checked my email on my iPhone, updated some stuff, took a peek at msn. My usual morning routine. All seemed normal. And then I tried to get out of bed. BZZZZZZZZZ, WRONG!

After I stopped screaming I realized my back pain was considerably more serious than I had initially thought. I called in to work, grabbed whatever clothes I could reach from the bed and made a reasonable effort at dressing myself. Eventually I managed to hobble to my car and after another intense scream I was sitting. The drive to the clinic was not pleasant. Not being able to sit at the clinic was worse, especially considering the 45 minute wait.

I now have a bunch of drugs. I’m what could be described as “floaty”. So long as I remain stationary and reclined I feel alright.

So here I am with nothing to do but think. Usually a bad idea for me, but since I’m drugged up I’m gonna share the fruits of my “soul searching” with you. Mmmm, soul fruit salad.

It’s become increasingly apparent to me over the past couple of months that I have reached the end of my endurance for Customer Service. Every night before work I go to bed with that sickly feeling of anxiety about the coming day. It’s worse when I wake up. I can’t eat breakfast, it just makes me sick. It’s not the job itself, that’s easy pie. I feel no anxiety over my ability to perform the duties of my position, in fact I feel pretty good about my abilities. It’s the customers. They fill me with anger. Even the decent ones. A decade of customer service has left me with a mostly impenetrable mask of friendliness that my customers can’t penetrate, but on the inside I’m like the Hulk.

I’m weary. It’s time for a change. I’m constantly on the look out at work for positions that don’t involve interacting with the public. Ideally I’d like to stay where I am and just move into an area that doesn’t involve customer service. My homepage is the UVic job posting board (granted getting a job at UVic is like getting a job at Mount Olympus, Practically impossible). Tonight I’ll be chatting with my friend Ivo to see if he has any contacts that might get me out of my current customer service nightmare and into a position where I am less likely to go all HULK SMASH! on the unsuspecting public.

And now the drugs are demanding that I take a nap. Whatever you say pharmaceuticals!


~ by Pagz on July 29, 2010.

One Response to “Feelin’ groovy.”

  1. Again, I feel completely isolated and out-of-the-loop here.
    What happened to fuck up your back so badly?

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