The Really Boring Plan

What follows is my reasonably bare bones plan to get my health and fitness back on track. Nothing special here but I thought I’d share it regardless.

The Really Boring Plan


Breakfast: 1 bowl of Oatmeal with frozen berries.

Lunch: 1 salad, 1 soup or sandwich.

Dinner: Single serving of Pasta with Tomato Sauce or Chicken Stir fry with Veggies.

Snacks: Fresh fruit or Vegetables.

Beverages: Water


Cardio: Walking, Swimming, Elliptical Trainer, Wii Punch Out!

Weight Training: Free Weights, sit ups, push ups

Stretching: Gonna try some Yoga I think.

1 hour of physical activity daily, no exceptions.

General Health

Bedtime: In bed by 11pm, except on movie nights.

Vitamins: Daily


~ by Pagz on August 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Really Boring Plan”

  1. May your motivation be equal to your resolve.

  2. Kudos!

  3. I love that you’ve included ‘sleep’ in there!

    Your diet plan is very structured and lacks enough protein and dairy/alternatives. May I suggest you peruse some of the basics on the GI diet on this site? The GI diet isn’t Atkins or south beach or anything scheme-y. It’s a diabetic diet and essentially what all humans should be putting into their bodies with the very occasional exception. It’s very realistic, attainable and sustainable, which are more important over time than restriction for rapid loss. It’s also much more flexible/interesting.

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