The Pledge

I have made a pledge. A promise. A Solemn vow.

For the next month, there will be a new issue of Geoffrey Today! every day. You can all thank Gabe for this.


Mom is out of the hospital now, although still going back for tests and observation as I understand it. It’s really nerve wracking when this stuff happens when my parents are out of the country. It severely limits my ability to do anything.

Water Damage: My upstairs neighbour’s ice machine broke a few nights back, sending a torrent of water down through the walls of my kitchen and on into the Unit below me as well. Alas, being directly underneath the flood my place has taken the brunt of it. Luckily, her insurance will pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, I currently have to giant and noisy blowers (insert childish snickering here) set up in my place blowing air into my walls to dry them out. They’ll be out of here on Monday hopefully. Which would be fine, except that my big Halloween party is tomorrow. Here’s hoping it won’t be too irritating.

Last night I went to Tron Night, which was totally awesome. I saw 23 minutes of absolutely incredible footage from Tron: Legacy. As excited as I was for the film’s release before, I am a million times more excited now. This is like the Dark Knight take on the Tron universe and it’s totally bad ass.

Okay, so there you go, the first of a full month of Nonstop Geoffrey Today!


~ by Pagz on October 29, 2010.

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